If you want to try something new you should definitely try one of the many types of tantric massages. You can order this service by making a reservation Bratislava Tantra through a call or by filling a form on a salon´s webpage. If you decide to this by a filling form, we can guide you through the steps. First step you have to do in a form is, that you have to choose between various types of tantric massages such as the classic tantra, body tantra, body mutual tantra, senzual tantra, special tantra, couple tantra, tantra rain mutual, double special, double body, secret dark or magic tantra. By clicking on each type of massage you can choose between the different time lenghts, for example one hour, hour and half, two hours or more.

Masáž a žena

By every time length you can also find a price. When you have a clear idea about what type of massage and the length you want, in the next step you can choose a specific masseuse by clicking on one of many names. If you don´t have any preferences in who will do your massage, there is also the option – doesn´t matter, that will get you a random masseuse. After clicking on a next step, there are two windows, where you can pick a date and time. When you click on a calendar icon, you can choose a day and the system will automatically check if it´s available. One of the last steps in this reservation form, is filling in your personal information, so you can checkout. Your name, e-mail adress and mobile number will be neccesary if you want to finish your reservation. This is also important for the salon, if there are any unexpected events, they can call you or inform you about changes. On the very end a summary of your order will show and you can check if everything is how it is supposed to be. You can also leave a message and read the terms and conditions about your order. By clicking on finalise, you can pay with a card and mark your reservation in a calendar.

Rezervácia masáže